300 Miles a Week

Getting back to work means less time for long rides.  I did get in a century today, a cool, sunny, clear day that made cycling a pleasure.  It is my first in 3 weeks.  Doing a century feels effortless; what a change from the spring.

Most of my rides have been shorter: 30 to 50 miles.  I don’t know if they really count for training.  But it is the only way to get 300 miles a week.  At least I am getting in the rhythm of daily riding.  It has been 14 straight days.

Friday was true training. I got in 56 miles.  It was climbing in the rain: over 6000 feet of climbing.  That counts as work.

I Bagged the Big One

The 1893 wooden swing bridge at New Richmond, my favorite place to snack.IMG_1257In addition to the sheer volume of 300 miles per week, there are 3 goals remaining in my training: climbing 8000 feet regularly and getting in long rides of 150 and 200 miles. Yesterday I rode my first double century. I started before 7am and finished after 8 pm, with good breaks at miles 75, 130 and 182. I had planned to tackle 150 but the day was comfortable and I felt strong. So I kept going.

I was fundamentally strong.  Hydration and nutrition were good, no bruises, no equipment problems, and the flat West Michigan roads meant that I could stand for the few hills. The only thing that wasn’t strong was my fundament: but I can accept chafing after 200 miles.

I am beginning to believe I can complete the whole journey.



Home on the lake shore.